The Association of Professional Bankers – Sri Lanka (APB) embarked on a CSR project, consequent to the floods and landslides which occurred last year in the Kukule Ganga area of the Kalutara District.

The Kelinkanda Primary School which is the only primary school available for the children from Palindanuwara area in Agalawaththa suffered a major setback as the only well which provided water for the school was fully covered by mud due to a landslide.

As a result, the students and teachers of the school had to undergo severe hardships to find water even for drinking purposes, leave alone other sanitation facilities. This school was selected for the CSR Project with the assistance of Lal Dissanayake, the Zonal Director of Education – Mathugama.

The members of the APB Council visited the school at the inception to assess the requirement and estimate the costs to be incurred on the project. Members of the Council of the APB and its Council of Advisors and APB members came forward with generous voluntary contributions to finance the project. The members of the tutorial staff and the parents of the school children made a major contribution by assisting in the digging operations thereby saving on costs.

Since the location of the existing well was prone to further landslides, it was decided to dig a well at a different location. The project was started in November 2017 and in spite of a few spells of bad weather was completed within a period of three months by completing the construction of the well and restoring the water supply system covering the entire school premises by laying new pipelines where necessary.

The water pump was also serviced to ensure that there will be no disruption to the water supply. A boundary wall was built around the well to ensure the safety of the schoolchildren.

A simple ceremony was held at the school on 5 January for the Association of Professional Bankers – Sri Lanka to hand over the new water system to the students of Kelinkanda Primary School. This was preceded by a Bodhi pooja at the nearby temple to fulfill a vow made by the school authorities. The schoolchildren had a variety entertainment show to mark the occasion. K.B. Senerath Bandara, President, APB, in his address at the ceremony, thanked all APB members who generously contributed towards the successful completion of the project. He also acknowledged the contribution made by some members of the tutorial staff and the parents of some of the schoolchildren by helping in the digging of the well.

He added: “APB was keen in carrying out a CSR Project of this nature for needy school children in remote parts of the country, as a worthy cause.”

The Zonal Director of Education – Mathugama, as well as the Principal of the school also addressed the audience, which included the Director Planning of the Zonal Educational Office, Mathugama, representatives of APB, tutorial staff, parents, students and well-wishers.

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