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Notice – 31st Annual General Meeting
To Be Held On 24th July 2020

As you are aware the 31st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association of Professional Bankers Sri Lanka (APB), originally scheduled to be held on 27th March 2020, had to be postponed indefinitely due to COVID19 pandemic, although all arrangements were made to hold the AGM on the said date.


As the situation is now attaining a certain degree of normalcy, the Executive Council of the APB decided to hold the AGM in a hybrid format, where the Executive Council and some members being present together at a specified physical location whilst allowing other members to participate via a virtual platform. The members may choose the method in which they wish to participate at the AGM. Further, the Executive Council of APB has obtained counsel from a firm of consultants concerning the viability of holding the AGM in this manner.

As such, members are hereby formally given notice of the 31stAGM of the APB to be held on 24 July 2020 (Friday) commencing at 6.30 PM at the Bougainvillea Ballroom, Galadari Hotel, Colombo – 01.

Members may confirm their preferred mode of participation by filling out the google form accessed via the link attached below.

Instructions to the members who wish to participate physically at the AGM.

The venue of the 31st AGM shall be the Bougainvillea Ballroom of Galadari Hotel, Colombo – 01.


Please confirm the participation via the aforesaid google sheet before  10th July 2020  and indicate the preference as “Physical Participation”.


The Executive Council being cognizant of the advice of the health authorities and ensuring compliance with the social distancing guidelines currently in force has decided to cancel the customary fellowship and dinner following the AGM. However, the members attending the AGM at the Galadari Hotel will be served with light refreshments and no fees will be charged for attendance.


The members who wish to be physically present at the AGM are kindly requested to comply with the health and safety measures that will be implemented at the entrance as well as during the pendency of the AGM.

Instructions to the members who wish to participate virtually at the AGM.

Please confirm the participation via the aforesaid google sheet before 10th July 2020 and indicate the preference as “Virtual Participation”.


To enable virtual access to the AGM, members are hereby notified to follow the steps mentioned below.


  1. Install the “Zoom” application on your mobile phone, tablet computer or other device and create a basic account in Zoom which is available free of charge.
  2. Once your registration is completed by the APB Secretariat, an email will be sent to you giving the link to the meeting and this link should not be shared as it is unique to a member.
  3. Members can participate in the meeting by following the aforesaid unique link.
  4. Members participating at the AGM in this manner are requested to familiarise themselves with the features and options available under the “Zoom” application on their electronic devices.

The agenda of the 31stAGM is as follows:

  1. Meeting called to order by the Secretary-General
  2. Reading of the Notice convening the 31stAnnual General Meeting by the Secretary-General.
  3. Adoption of the resolution to hold the 31stAGM in the hybrid format
  4. Welcome Address by the President
  5. Address by President 2019/2020.
  6. Reading & Adoption of the Minutes of the 30th Annual General Meeting held on22nd March 2019.
  7. Presentation of the Annual Report of the Year 2019/2020 by the Secretary-General.
  8. Presentation of Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2019 by the Treasurer and adoption of the same.
  9. Recommendation of the Council for the transfer of funds to the APB Development Fund.
  10. Tabling and adoption of the annexed  Resolution on the “Proposal to request the investment income of the development fund for APB activities”& consideration of any other Resolutions if any, a notice of which has been given before the specified date.
  11. Election of Office Bearers and Council Members for the year 2020/21.
  12. Induction of the newly elected President for the year 2020/21.
  13. Address by the newly elected President for the year 2020/21.
  14. Election of members to the Fund Management Committee for the year 2020/21.
  15. Appointment of Auditors for the year 2020/21.
  16. Launching of the Book titled “Three Decades of Professional Banking Excellence: Association of Professional Bankers – Sri Lanka (APB) (1988 -2018)” compiled by Dr. Viruli de Silva based on the reminisces of Mr. A Kathiravellupillai.
  17. Vote of Thanks by the Secretary-General year 2020/2021.


Any resolution for consideration at the AGM should be forwarded to the Secretary-General on or before Friday 10th July 2020.