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27th Anniversary Convention - 2015


1 - Prof. Ajantha S. Dharmasiri

Treasures and Travails of Telecommuting

2 - Dr. Ranee Jayamaha

Innovate to Win : Innovate For Financial Inclusion

3 - Dr. W.A. Wijewardena

Innovation and Creativity : A Must Not Only for Survival But also for Prosperity

4 - Dr. Saman Kelegama

Building the Skills for Economic Growth and Competitiveness In Sri Lanka

5 - Dr. Trevor Mendis

Dare to Innovate

6 - Mr. Deshal de Mel

Sri Lanka’s Economy in A New Political Paradigm

7 - Mr. Suren Rajakarier

Governance, Innovation and Technology In Banking

8 - Mr. Parama Dharmawardene

CEPA & ISFTA Innovate to Win

9 - Ms. Viruli de Silva

Innovative Corporate Culture a Winning Formula for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

10 - Mr. Jagath Gamanayake

Innovation – Worthy of Incorporating Into Bank’s DNA

11 - Mr. Bhanu Wijayaratne

New Payment Products & Services and Associated Challenges for Risk & Compliance

12 - Ms. Niroshana Seneviratne

Innovate to Win Internal Auditor’s Perspective

13 - Ms. Chaaminda D. Kumarasiri

The Innovation Pill: Placebo, Panacea or Paradigm?

14 - Mr. E.P.A.Sisira Kumara

Innovative Strategies to Win The Future

15 - Ms. Mohini Seneviratne

Innovation – A Business Risk to Manage

16 - Mr. Champal de Costa

Becoming an Innovative Banker – A Paradigm Shift from Employeemindedness To Entrepreneurmindedness

17 - Mr. Chundika Ariyawansa

Innovation – Winning Formula of The New World

18 - Mr. Kasun Wijayaratne

Expansion of Internet Banking Overcoming The Barriers