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Another successful APB Forum for bankers in Jaffna!

The Association of Professional Bankers – Sri Lanka (APB), in line with its primary objective, functions as a forum that brings bankers together, for continuous professional development and networking. This year too, the Research, Education and Development Committee (REDC) of the APB had organised a Regional Forum in Jaffna, including a series of events.

The Forum in Jaffna was held on Friday 18 September, for the second time within two years. It included a chain of knowledge-sharing and networking activities: An inter-bank quiz competition, donation of books to the Jaffna Public library, a public lecture on a timely topic by a veteran speaker and a fellowship and dinner for the bankers in Jaffna. The activities gave a wonderful opportunity for the professional bankers in the North to update their knowledge and network with their other banking colleagues. Highlights of the activities are as follows: –
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APB Forum for Bankers in Jaffna

The Association of Professional Bankers – Sri Lanka (APB) is the most representative organisation of banking professionals in the Island, and it functions as a forum that brings bankers together. This year too the APB, in line with its primary objective, has planned to implement a series of events.
The APB is taking its activities to the north for the second time within two years.  This gives an opportunity for the bankers in the north to get together. The activities are scheduled to be held on Friday, 18 September.

The Association plans to hold an inter-bank quiz competition in the north, and many banks have already shown a keen interest to participate. This would give the banking community in the north an opportunity to share knowledge and enhance their awareness levels in the subject matter.
The quiz would be held in four rounds, covering areas such as General Banking, Laws and Regulations related to banking, Current and International affairs, General Knowledge, Sports and Entertainment. The winners would be awarded with challenge trophies, certificates and medals.

The APB has also arranged a public lecture on the same day at the HNB state-of-the-art auditorium in Jaffna.  The Association would be inviting a veteran speaker, and the speech to be followed by a Q&A session.

Subsequently, the APB has organised a donation of valuable books to the Jaffna Library for the benefit of the readers. The activities would come to an end with the APB hosting a fellowship for the senior bankers and the quiz participants, followed by dinner.

For details, please contact the APB Secretariat, 275/75, Prof. Stanley Wijesundera Mawatha, Colombo 7, Tel. 011 2055318 and E-mail [email protected]. –

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APB inter-bank talent show

Banku Ridma 2015, an inter-bank talent show organised by the Association of Professional Bankers of Sri Lanka, was held at the Bishop’s College Auditorium. It featured a selection of musical and dance items presented by over 50 representatives from various banks operating in Sri Lanka, with the aim of fostering fellowship and brotherhood amongst the banking community –

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APB team at OPA Cricket Sixes 2015

The Association of Professional Bankers – Sri Lanka (APB) cricket team participated in the OPA Cricket Sixes 2015 held at the Bloomfield grounds recently. The team put up a spirited performence. Standing from left: Namal Gunawardana (Sampath), Dilshan Perera (HSBC), Thivanka Wijeyratne (DB) – Captain, Anton Armugam (DFCC), Saman De Silva (Sampath), Sameera Kakulandara (NTB) and Suranga Amarajeewa (NTB). –

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