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29th Anniversary Convention - 2017


1 - Mr. W.A. Wijewardena

Banking Sector, Disruptive Technology and The Block Chain

2 - Dr. Ranee Jayamaha

Changing Dynamics – Bank of The Future : Banks, Take Your Heads Out of The Sand

3 - Prof. Ajantha S. Dharmasiri

Competing with Competencies: An HR Ecosystem Perspective

4 - Prof. W. A. J. M. De Costa

Climate Financing : An Emerging Avenue for The Banking Sector in Sri Lanka

5 - Dr. Trevor Mendis

Changing Paradigms : Sustainability, The DNA for Future Banking

6 - Mr. Manil Jayesinghe

The Relevance Challenge : What Retail Banks Must do to Remain in The Game

7 - Mr. Parama Dharmawardene

Trade Services in The Bank of The Future

8 - Mr. H M Hennayake Bandara

The New Digital Landscape : Banking Models

9 - Mr. A. L. Somaratne

Changing Dynamics in Microfinance and Its Impact on Global Financial Inclusion

10 - Ms. Manohari Gunawardhena

The 21st Century Career – Millennials in Banking

11 - Ms. Viruli de Silva

Understanding the Changing Dynamics of Financial Consumer in The Digital Era

12 - Mr. Bhanu Wijayaratne

Changing Dynamics – The Role and Associated Challenges of The Future Bank

13 - Mr. Jagath Gamanayake

Envisioning the Future – Realities and Myths of Future Banking

14 - Mr. Champal de Costa

Facilitating Co-Existence of an Entrepreneur and A Banker Within an Individual Amid Changing Dynamics

15 - Mr. Thejaka Perera

Collateralization of Intellectual Property Bowie Bonds and The Collateral of The Future

16 - Mr. Nishan Perera

Development Bank Re-Emerged, Bank of The Future

17 - Mr. R Naguleswaran

Tightening the Noose – Future of Correspondent Banking

18 - Mr. Kasun Wijayaratne

Prevention Is Better Than Cure, Grievance Handling for Bankers in Changing HR Dynamics

19 - Mr. Christopher Thuraisingham

Implementation of Lean Six Sigma In Banking