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APB Sri Lanka History

The Association of Professional Bankers – Sri Lanka was formed in July 1988 by a group of dedicated senior bankers with the following principal objectives;

Undertake, promote and facilitate studies in the field of banking and allied subjects.

Plan and organize teaching and training programmes in the field of banking.

Knowledge Management : The New Challenge in Managing Human Resource in Banking.

Promote and safeguard the common interests of the profession.

Promote fellowship and understanding among members of the Association.

The following bankers who were founder members of the Association were elected as office-bearers of the 1st council of Management.

Mr. R.T. Wijetilleke – President
Mr. Patrick de Silva – Vice President
Mr. Ranjit Fernando – VicePresident
Mr. P. Letchumanan – VicePresident
Mr. A. Kathiravelupillai – Secretary General
Mr. M. Machado – Asst.Secretary
Mr. E. A. Gunasekera –  Treasurer


Mr. K. Sivagananathan –  Council Member
Mr. A. L. Abeygoonewardene –  Council Member
Mr. T. Thiagarajah –  Council Member
Mr. N. B. S.B. Balalle – Council Member
Mr. E.T. Fernando –  Council Member

From the time of its formation, the Association has been successful in achieving most of its objectives by organizing, inter-alia, lectures, seminars, and various training programs so as to enable the bankers to keep abreast of the latest developments in their profession. Such programs covered not only the subject of banking but also other related areas such as technology, management, marketing, etc., Senior Executives of Banks were also given the opportunity to participate in various educational programs organized by the Association on very useful subjects that are of interest to them as banking professionals.


Being mindful of the significant contribution made by the banking industry to the economic development of the country, the association will continue to play a meaningful role in providing facilities to bankers so as to enable them to acquire the required knowledge and skills with the objective of improving the banking system of the country.


The Association completed a decade of service in 1998 and the event was celebrated in a fitting manner organizing several activities for 3 days. The main event was the symposium on “Banking Beyond Year 2000” for which the guest of honor was Mr. Andrew Buxton, The Chairman of Barclays Bank London. The event was not only a tremendous success but it became the talking point among those associated with the financial service industry in this country. The success of this event motivated the Association to conduct the convention as an Annual Event. Since then, the association has conducted annual conventions on the theme “Excellence in Banking” in the year 1999 and “Towards a Safer Banking system” in the year 2000. Sir Brian Pitman, chairman Lloyds TSB Bank London, and The Rt. Hon. Sir Edward George, Governor – Bank of England respectively participated in the above conventions as the Key Note Speakers.


The membership of the Association, which includes CEO’s, and members of the Senior Management of Banks has exceeded 1100.


This association is affiliated to the Organisation of Professional Associations (OPA) of Sri Lanka the apex body of professional associations in this country.

Past Presidents

1989 / 1990 – Mr. Rienzie T. Wijetilleke
1990 / 1991 – Mr. Rienzie T. Wijetilleke
1991 / 1992 – Mr. A. Kathiravelupillai
1992 / 1993 – Mr. Rohini L. Nanayakkara
1993 / 1994 – Mr. N. Patrick S. De Silva
1994 / 1995 – Mr. A.L. Abeygoonawardena
1995 / 1996 – Mr. K. Sivagananathan
1996 / 1997 – Mr. N.A. Dharmabandu
1997 / 1998 – Mr. N.A. Dharmabandu
1998 / 1999 – Mr. Upali De Silva
1999 / 2000 – Mr. R.B. Ekanayake

2000 / 2001 – Mr. R. Nadarajah
2001 / 2002 – Mr. Sisira Herath
2002 / 2003 – Mr. Sarath De. Silva
2003 / 2004 – Mr. Nihal Kekulawaela
2004 / 2005 – Mr. K.P. Nimal Dias
2005 / 2006 – Mr. Eastman Narangoda
2006 / 2007 – Mr. R. Theagarajah
2007 / 2008 – Mr. Lakshman Silva
2008 / 2009 – Mr. Buwanekabahu Perera
2009 / 2010 – Mr. Ajantha Madurapperuma

2010 / 2011 – Mr. Dimantha N. Seneviratne
2011 / 2012 – Ms. W.A. Nalani
2012 / 2013 – Mr. H.M. Hennayake Bandara
2013 / 2014 – Mr. Aravinda Perera
2014 / 2015 – Mr. Piyal D. Hennayake
2015 / 2016 – Mr. Deepal Abeysekera
2016 / 2017 – Ms. Shashi Kandambi Jassim
2017 / 2018 – Mr. K B Senarath Bandara
2018 / 2019 – Mr. Asanka Ranhotty
2019 / 2020 – Mr. C Amarasinghe