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24th Anniversary Convention - 2012


1 - Dr. W.A. Wijewardena

Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Bankers’ Dilemma

2 - Prof. Uditha Liyanage

Bank Marketing : From 1P to 6Ps

3 - Dr. Wickrema Weerasooria

Sustainability In Volatility : How Banks Should Respond With Emphasis On Legal Issues

4 - Dr. Saman Kelegama

Asian Financial Integration : Generating Sustainability within the Region

5 - Mr. P. Samarasiri

Evolving Banking Challenges : Learning Exercises For Sri Lankan Banks

6 - Dr. W. M. Hemachandra

Managing Vulnerabilities to Sustain Stability

7 - Dr. Ajantha Dharmasiri

Sustainability in Volatility : The Bankers’ “People” Challenge

8 - Mr. Dinesh Weerakkody

Executive Salaries and Pay Caps

9 - Mr. Nihal S. Welikala

Risk Management As Catalyst For Sustainable Banking

10 - Mr. Deshal de Mel

The Magic Eight Percent

11 - Mr. H. M. Hennayake Bandara

Competitiveness: A Sustainable Way Of Countering Volatility

12 - Mr. Rohantha Athukorala

Industry Strategies for Rio 20+…..

13 - Ms. Manohari Gunawardhena

Sustaining The Key Pillars Of A Bank

14 - Mr. Dilshan Rodrigo

Developing an Active Asian Bond Market – Lessons from Thailand

15 - Mr. Jagath Gamanayake

“Sustainability In Volatility” – The Marketing Perspective

16 - Ms. Viruli de Silva

The Bankers’ Challenge of Sustainable Revenue Growth in Volatility

17 - Mr. Bandula Gamarachchi

Volatility: It’s Impact on Sustainability of Contractual Obligations

18 - Mr. Trevor Mendis

Sustainability and Volatility; Bankers’ Challenges

19 - Mr. Bhanu Wijayaratne

Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing; Its Impact On Sustainability

20 - Mr. Thejaka Perera

Arresting Volatility Sans Arrested Development

21 - Mr. Chundika Ariyawansa

Is Sustainability in Volatility a Paradox for Banking Industry in Sri Lanka?

22 - Mr. Champal De Costa

“Kye”- Know Your Entrepreneur : An Alternative Approach In Volatile Times

23 - Mr. Gayan Lakmal Alwis

Sustainability in Volatility : The Behavioral Finance Perspective