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26th Anniversary Convention - 2014


1 - Dr. W.A. Wijewardena

The changing landscape of Retail Banking : Challenge now – adapt or perish

2 - Dr. Saman Kelegama

Will the Brics Bank & Fund, and SAARC Development Bank boost Global South?

3 - Dr. Ajantha S Dharmasiri

Whither Strategic Orientation? A study of HR Professionals in commercial banks in South Asia

4 - Dr. S H A M Abeyratne

Importance of Consolidation on Financial System Stability

5 - Dr. Arul Sivagananathan

Building coalitions amongst competitors through shared services

6 - Prof. Kennady D Gunawardena

Women participation in Senior Management positions in licensed commercial bank in Sri Lanka

7 - Mr. Deshal de Mel

Growth without consumption

8 - Mr. Suren Rajakarier

Fintech and the Hype

9 - Mr. Nimal Hapuarachchy

Changing role of the Bank Manager – Survival of the fittest

10 - Mr. Trevor Mendis

Change is inevitable. Are banks ready?

11 - Mr. Parama Dharmawardena

Trade Agreements – A wining strategy for growing Sri Lanka’s exports

12 - Ms. Manohari Gunawardena

Reshaping banking for changing times

13 - Ms. Viruli De Silva

Strategic Resourcing : Competitive people advantage for banks in changing paradigms

14 - Mr. Bhanu Wijayaratne

Governance, Regulatory Compliance & Financial System : Reshaping banking for changing times

15 - Mr. Aruna Fernando

Managing Credit Risk in changing times

16 - Mr. E P A Sisira Kumara

Dawning of a new era of empowerment a key success factor of service quality in banking in Sri Lanka

17 - Mr. Harsha Munasinghe

Empowering and enriching banking customers through sustainable corporate social responsibility led community investment

18 - Mr. Jagath Gamanayake

3C – Forces shaping banking for changing times

19 - Ms. Thilini Sumudu Kumari

Reshaping the Risk Management on trading book of banks : An examination of current practices

20 - Mr. Naleen Edirisinghe

Cost restructuring programs, the best approach for Banks to unmark hidden expenses to face future market realities

21 - Mr. Thejaka Perera

Bitcoins and the Crypto Currencies: Monetary challenge from the cyberspace

22 - Ms. Mohini Seneviratne

Managing reputation in a digital world

23 - Mr. Chundika Ariyawansa

Re-shaping banking through social media in Sri Lanka –Important lessons to learn from other countries

24 - Ms. Sunari Dandeniya

Expanding financial services frontier and mobile banking in Sri Lanka

25 - Mr. Kasun Dilshan Wijayaratne

Facing Cyber War : Re-shaping banking for changing times