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APB Research Symposium 2021

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APB Research Symposium 2021

Sri Lanka Economic Resurgence in 2021 Through Strategic Vision



1 - Dr. W.A. Wijewardena

The Problem of Overcoming Middle Income Trap: Getting Integrated to Global Economy is the Wayout

2 - Dr. Ranee Jayamaha

Regional Congruence : Harmonizing Policy and Economic Prosperity – Economic and Fiscal Policy

3 - Prof. Ajantha S. Dharmasiri

Capacity Building for Economic Prosperity: Progress of a Premier Enterprise

4 - Dr. Trevor Mendis

Regional Economic Integration: Does it Lead to Economic Prosperity?

5 - Dr. Shan Fernando

Sri Lankan Economy – The Way Forward

6 - Mr. Parama Dharmawardene

Sri Lanka’s International Trade – Are We Achieving our Objectives?

7 - Mr. H.M. Hennayake Bandara

Regional Cooperation: Opportunities for Harmonization

8 - Ms. Manohari Gunawardhena

Role of Non-Banking Financial Intermediaries in Access to Finance in South Asia

9 - Ms. Viruli de Silva

Regional Congruence, Harmonizing Policy, and Economic Prosperity : The Role of Banks Through Innovation – Led Strategy

10 - Mr. Bhanu Wijayaratne

Economic Prosperity and Regional Congruence – Sri Lankan and Regional Perspective

11 - Ms. Delrene Seneviratne

Regulation of Micro Finance : Opportunities and Challenges

12 - Mr. Niroshana Seneviratne

Harmonizing Effective Policy Rate Management for Economic Prosperity an Empirical Analysis on Sri Lanka

13 - Mr. Ayesh Ariyasinghe

Eradicating Weak Links: Extending the Theory of Clubs and Club Governance Model to Formation Of Bankers’ Cartels in The Global Efforts of Anti-Money Laundering and Countering of Financing of Terrorism

14 - Mr. Kasun Wijayaratne

Speaking the Same Tongue Eradicating Obstacles to SME Financing and Consumer Banking: Sri Lankan and South Asian Regional Perspective

15 - Ms. Hasitha Wickremasinghe

Improving Sri Lanka’s Trade Performance Through Better Trade Facilitation

16 - Ms. Suhadini Wickremasinghe

Moving Towards Legal and Regulatory Convergence in The Financial Sector

17 - Mr. Chundika Ariyawansa

Just-In-Time Banks For Gen i And Beyond

18 - Ms. P. M. Shamalee Anupa De Silva

Green Banking – The Way Forward Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage